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Where the Scary Things Are poster

Another attempt to revive the horror of the 80s. Take a bunch of high school kids, give them a school project, drop in a monster, and you have all the ingredients for typical horror fluff. It's a simple formula, but writer/director Smith adds some odd ingredients that mess up the entire balance of the film.

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A group of bored kids love to hang out at an abandoned horror amusement part. There they run into an actual monster, which they manage to capture. When school gives them an assignment to create their own urban legend, they decide to taunt the monster and film it, hoping the project will go viral.

The premise is promising, the film itself struggles to get itself off the ground. Biggest problem are the kids, who are overly dramatic and completely horrible. Not sure why they're all such annoying characters, but whatever the effect needed to be, it doesn't work, and it just gets in the way of the horror. Which is also quite tame, to be honest. Apart from a decent soundtrack, there's not much of note here.