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Proud Mary

2018 / 89m - USA
Action, Crime
Proud Mary poster

A decent action flick. The background story isn't all that original, but there's a sliver of drama that is pretty effective and makes this film a little easier to stomach. The action scenes are nice, the soundtrack on the other hand felt terribly out of place and takes away from the impact. Not enough to kill the film, so if you're looking for solid action filler, look no further.

London Has Fallen

2016 / 99m - UK
Action, Thriller
London Has Fallen poster

Some good scenes here, then again it's pretty hard to mess up the annihilation of London. Beyond that, it's a very mediocre and often boring action/thriller flick that fails on just every level. Its only saving grace is that it's short and well-paced, but it really shouldn't have been too hard to do better with this material.