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1988 / 95m - Japan
Thriller, Horror
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A fun, though somewhat limited thriller that morphs into a horror film as it progresses. It reminded me a little of 2LDK, a household battle between two people stuck in a little flat, but it never gets quite as intense or out there. Still, if you want a pleasant 80s horror (or you just want to know how Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Door 3 started out), you won't be disappointed.

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Yasuko lives in a small urban apartment with her family. She is getting more and more calls and house visits from shady salesmen, which starts to scare her a little. When she gets a tad violent toward a particularly pushy guy, the salesman wants revenge and tries to break into Yasuko's house.

The build-up is solid, the film becomes increasingly more tense, and even though the soundtrack is a little cheesy and the horror elements are somewhat toned down compared to modern standards, the ending does feel appropriately grotesque. A fine classic Japanese horror film that won't disappoint fans of the genre.