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Across the Furious Sea

She Guo Fen Nu De Hai
2023 / 144m - China
Crime, Mystery
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This was a whole lot of movie. It was almost like watching two or three films crammed into one, with all the emotions cranked up to 100% for the entire runtime. There's a lot I liked here, also things I plain loved, but 140 minutes of it was just a bit too much. And it's not often I say such a thing about a film.

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While Jin is out at sea, he gets a call from his ex-wife. Their daughter has gone missing in Japan. Jin leaves immediately, but once in Japan, he learns that he's already too late. His daughter Nana was found dead, the prime suspect is her boyfriend. Jin takes it upon himself to seek justice for his daughter.

Huang Bo plays the raging father of the victim, Xun Zhou the icy mother of the suspect. It's an interesting contrast, but the story takes a few too many twists and turns and on top of that, there are typhoons, cosplay cons, and fish showers to make things even more manic. Maybe they should've split it into two, or they could've simplified the story a little. A slightly slower film would've been better, but there's still plenty to love here. Quite the experience.

The Equation of Love and Death

Li Mi De Cai Xiang
2008 / 96m - China
Crime, Romance
The Equation of Love and Death poster