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1970 / 102m - USA
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Grim and unpleasant drama. It reminded me a little of the films of the Dardennes, though set in small-town USA. It's not my favored niche and Loden didn't show me anything that could change my mind. That said, it's certainly not the worst film in its genre, it just outstayed its welcome.

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Wanda is a tragic human being. She can't really handle life, she's a bad wife and a terrible mother. After her husband finally divorces her she also loses her job. She gets cheated on by several men, only to hook up with a small-time criminal. Together, they plan on robbing a bank.

What you get is very realistic-looking misery porn. I will say that the film and characters felt very natural, especially in the first half. When some minor crime elements are added the mood gets diluted and I started losing interest. The presentation is pretty dire too, but that comes with the territory. I wasn't a fan.