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2022 / 118m - USA
Sci-fi, Mystery
Cryo poster

A pretty generic genre film. Going into Cryo, I pretty much knew what to expect, and in the end that's exactly what I got. Writer/director Burgin delivers a pleasant but somewhat basic sci-fi/mystery that never attempt to color outside the lines. That's both the appeal and the major shortcoming of the film.

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A group of people wakes up from their Cryo machines. They have lost their memory and find themselves locked up in an underground bunker. They suspect they were part of a scientific experiment that seemingly went haywire. As they try to figure out what happened to them, they begin to distrust each other.

Cryo is a single-location film with a sci-fi plot, but few visible sci-fi elements. The actors aren't too great, the cinematography is decent but predictable and the plot offers nothing new. But it's an amusing genre romp. A bit long in the tooth maybe, a snappier middle part wouldn't have hurt, but in the end it was pretty enjoyable.