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The Boss

2016 / 99m - USA
The Boss poster

A very typical Melissa McCarthy vehicle, with a fair amount of decent jokes, but just as many painful flukes. The traditional pre-finale dip of sentimentally is a bummer, but it was actually quite nice to watch a plain and simple comedy once again. They are getting harder to find these days, so you take what you can get.


2014 / 97m - USA
Comedy, Romance
Tammy poster

Thunder Force

2021 / 105m - USA
Comedy, Fantasy
Thunder Force poster

Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy team up again for their fifth film together. That means they must be doing something right, though I have to say I haven't quite figured out what that is. Thunder Force is another weak comedy that fails both the funny bits and its other genre elements.

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The film tries to be a funny take on the superhero genre without resorting to outright parody. But as superhero film it's so tepid it makes Marvel look like higher art. And McCarthy's dispirited performance made me wonder whether it was part of her character or if she had simply given up on this film halfway through.

Olivia Spencer, Jason Bateman and the rest of the cast are pretty anonymous. The comedy is very basic and predictable, the action is subpar and the film is at least 15 minutes too long. It looked pretty expensive though, which only makes thing worse. Not worth it, unless you're desperate for some US comedy.

Life of the Party

2018 / 105m - USA
Life of the Party poster

There are a couple of odd moments that are genuinely funny, but they contrast heavily with the childish, sappy and forced writing that drives the rest of the film. A terrible script, lame jokes and so extremely moralizing that it might induce gag reflexes. And then there's Christina Aguilera. Not my idea of a good comedy.