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The Bridge

Die Brücke
1959 / 103m - West Germany
The Bridge poster

The atrocities of war. The Bridge is a German take on WWII, sadly it offers little beyond a rather static and predictable anti-war message, spread thin over the course of the film. Unless you're someone who somehow glorifies war, it's difficult to imagine this film being an eye-opener. And then it just comes down to the styling.

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Close to the end of WWII, few German troops remain. In a desperate attempt to turn the tables, teens are gathered to join the army and sent on pointless missions. One group is assigned to safeguard a bridge, in the hope to stop the invasion of Germany. A crazy mission with only one possible outcome.

The stark black and white cinematography feels dead and empty, the performances are not very natural and the message of the film isn't exactly subtle. If you like minimalist classics with straightforward morality then this could very well be a film for you, I can't say it managed to grab me at any point.