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Invitation To Die

Kuang Ye San Qian Xiang
1996 / 84m - Hong Kong
Crime, Thriller
Invitation To Die poster

Billy Tang is a pulpy director, but one who does lend his films a certain amount of flair. Invitation To Die (also known as Wild) is far from a Hong Kong classic, but for people who have already gone through all the big releases it's perfectly serviceable filler with some decent, memorable moments.

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Wai is a young woman who knows how to use her assets to her personal advantage. When she meets Shing, she seduces him and gets him to kidnap a wealthy businessman. While the two grow closer as they spend more time together, their plan turns out to be a lot less foolproof as they'd hoped.

Some decent filters and a few proper action scenes form the main appeal of this film. The performances are rather weak, and the plot is nothing special, but the pacing is solid and the runtime short, so if you like a Hong Kong action flick you can't really go wrong with this one, as long as you keep your expectations in check.