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Hatchet III

2013 / 81m - USA
Horror, Comedy
Hatchet III poster

Studio 666

2022 / 106m - USA
Comedy, Horror
Studio 666 poster

So, the Foo Fighters made a horror film. I'm not familiar enough with Grohl and his band, so I'm not sure whether this is the realization of some lifelong dream, or just a quick buck for a band that burned out on making music, but the result is pretty much what you expect of it. Very camp, only with a slightly higher budget.

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The Foo Fighters and readying themselves for their 10th album. They want to shake things up a little and ask their manager to get them a new studio. He finds them a house, what they don't know is that the band who previously tried to record their album there went insane, murdering each other.

Grohl and the others aren't the best actors, the plot is pretty basic and the campy setup feels a little lazy. The horror bits aren't that bad though, and it was fun seeing Carpenter make a little cameo, but it wasn't quite enough to make this a success. Not the worst film, but I wouldn't expect them to make another film.