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6 Souls

2010 / 112m - USA
Thriller, Mystery
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A slow burn thriller with relatively strong religious/fantastical elements. That came as a bit of a surprise after a pretty straightforward first hour, but Mårlind and Stein switch to a different gear after the halfway mark and take the film in a much less scientific direction. It's a nice diversion, though not quite sure if it made the film better.

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Cara is a single mom and dedicated psychiatrist, just like her dad. He likes to challenge her with cases that go against her firm professional beliefs, so when he finds a man with split personality disorder, he can't wait to get Cara on board. She is reluctant to join in, but can't help but be intrigued by his case.

Moore and Meyers do a decent job and the build-up is nice enough. The film never feels all that remarkable or special, but at least the quality is there. The second part is a little flakier and the finale could've been a ballsier, but some well-executed genre elements do add a bit of extra fun. Certainly not the worst film in its genre.