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The Cleanse

2016 / 81m - USA
Mystery, Comedy
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A peculiar little film, that mixes several genres to talk about trauma. There's some comedy, fantasy, horror and mystery here, which all contribute to the (admittedly simple) allegory that forms the core of the film. Don't expect a very deep or layered film, but it is pretty fun and different.

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Paul isn't too happy with his life. His girlfriend left him at the altar, and he just got fired from his dream job. When he catches a commercial for a special retreat, he is intrigued, and he registers for an introductory session. He gets picked from a small group of people, but he's not entirely prepared for what he is about to face.

The film has a light vibe, despite its rather depressing story. Though the broad outline should be clear halfway through, the film retains an aura of mystery, and it remains tricky to predict where the story will lead exactly. That's a big plus in my book. The ending could've been handled a bit better, other than that, a cute and somewhat quirky surprise.