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God Bless America

2011 / 105m - USA
Comedy, Action
God Bless America poster

Willow Creek

2013 / 80m - USA
Willow Creek poster

Another found footage film that goes on a search for Bigfoot. The found footage hype has ebbed away in recent years, but apparently I've still missed a couple of them along the way. Now that very few are being released, it's nice to backtrack a bit and pick up the remaining ones, as I do like the style.

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The centerpiece of the film is a 20-minute-long static shot inside a tent, where you need to listen intently to the noises that are popping up outside. It's probably one of the cheapest horror scenes I've ever seen, even so it's pretty effective. Not the most original setup (copied almost entirely from The Blair Witch), but a lot of fun nonetheless.

The two leads are pretty decent. The build-up is a tad long maybe, but it's fun, light and not too long. It's a good thing though Willow Creek has a pretty tense second half, so it still delivers as a horror flick. Goldthwait clearly knew what he was doing and while it doesn't really distinguish itself from its many peers, it's a decent enough watch.