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Sorry to Bother You

2018 / 112m - USA
Comedy, Fantasy
Sorry to Bother You poster

Sorry to Bother You wasn't released that long ago, but it's already building up a healthy a cult reputation, deservedly so. Director Boots Riley had trouble getting his film proper distribution, luckily word-of-mouth advertising on the web made sure that this one didn't just slip through the cracks.

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While it starts off relatively subtle, the film becomes increasingly weirder and the final half hour is pretty damn absurd (though often by being quite literal). Saying too much would spoil the surprise, but it's safe to say that Riley's vision is completely unique, the film industry could use more people like him.

Stanfield's performance is amazing, the social critique is abundantly present but doesn't bog the film down, there's some fun visual trickery and the soundtrack is on point. Even so, some small but vital part is missing to make this truly great, though I'm certain Riley will get there if he gets a second chance. While it stops just short of being a masterpiece, this is definitely worth a try if you like films that are different from the norm.