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The Lincoln Lawyer

2011 / 118m - USA
Crime, Drama
The Lincoln Lawyer poster

Runner Runner

2013 / 88m - USA
Crime, Thriller
Runner Runner poster

Runner Runner is one of those films that starts off slick and easy, but loses steam once all the pawns are in their place and all that's left is seeing things play out as expected. Furman simply doesn't have the necessary flair to pull off a film like this, the result is somewhat decent, but forgettable.

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Richie is a poor college student. He's also a math wizard and hoping to make a buck with gambling. When he finds out the site he plays on is cheating him out of his money, he sets out to contact the owner, hoping he might put Richie's skills to good use. Everything goes according to plan, but Richie soon finds that nobody can be trusted.

The plot is pretty bland and the performances aren't strong enough to carry the film. Furman tries to add some glitz and cool, but it's all pretty superficial. The pacing is solid though and while the film is extremely predictable, it's not the worst way to spend 90 minutes of your time. Simple filler in other words.