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2020 / 103m - Canada
Sci-fi, Horror
Possessor poster

The reassuring confirmation of Brandon Cronenberg's talent. The family resemblance is still pretty obvious, but it's clear that Brandon's work isn't just a carbon copy of father David. Possessor is a relentless, dark, moody and grim sci-fi tale with strong horror influences, thriving on stylistic prowess and honoring its intriguing premise with a smart plot. Hopefully this opens the door to a successful (and slightly more active) career.


2012 / 108m - Canada
Horror, Sci-fi
Antiviral poster

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Brandon Cronenberg's Antiviral is a nasty, smart and eerie body horror, mixed with a strong underlying social critique. It's a very deliberate, somewhat slow but extremely atmospheric film that never slips into cheesy pulp territory and left me quite perplexed.