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2013 / 90m - USA
Sanatorium poster

A film released in the wake of Grave Encounters (and a large string of similar ones). Sanatorium is a found footage horror pretending to be a TV horror show. It's one of the easiest setups imaginable and director Sersen didn't bother to add anything to the familiar formula. This is 200% genre film making.

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A TV crew is on their way to a remote sanatorium, where they're going to shoot their 100th episode. After a short recon, the caretaker lets them into the building, gives them a quick tour and leaves them there for the night. What happens next isn't really a surprise, considering you're watching a horror flick.

I generally like these types of films, but Sanatorium really is quite lazy. There's not an ounce of originality here, meaning the setup feels a little tired and predictable. The second half is better though and once the haunting start it's fun enough, but I doubt if this a film that'll stay with me.