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12 Hour Shift

2020 / 86m - USA
Comedy, Crime
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A rather strange combination of comedy and crime, with little dashes of thriller and horror on the side. The intentions are good and there are some fun ideas here, the execution lets the film down though. It was a bit too amateurish for my taste, the performances and cinematography in particular were distracting.

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A nurse is having a little organ operation on the side. When a delivery goes missing, she needs a replacement kidney fast. She gets a little help from her niece, but the situation only gets worse when cops show up at the hospital and the traffickers visit to see where their goods are.

It isn't until the final 20 minutes or so that the film gets up to steam and the comedy becomes dark enough to actually do its thing. The characters are pretty lame, the actors fail to do anything with them, it looks as if the cinematographer was on holiday and the soundtrack is messy. The ending puts a few things right, but not enough to make this a great film.