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Alive and kicking
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2019 / 101m - UK
Drama, Music
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A coming of age film set against the Scottish illegal raves of the 90s. It's a bit odd that a similar film has never been made in Belgium or The Netherlands, as that particular scene was even more thriving over here. But as someone who lived through those times and the rise of these styles of music, I'll gladly go for the Scottish take instead.

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Johnno and Spanner are best mates, even though Johnno's parents aren't too happy with him seeing Spanner so much. Spanner's brother is a bit of a lowlife criminal, and they fear it's a bad influence on their son. To get away from the grip of his parents, Johnno agrees to join Spanner in his quest to attend an illegal rave.

The soundtrack is pretty damn cute (even though a tad too soft still), the performances are solid, and the climax is solid. The drama felt a little tried and tested though. It's nice they're finally starting to highlight some 90s niche music scenes, but that's not enough to turn this into a masterpiece.

The Entire History of You

2011 / 49m - UK
Sci-fi, Thriller
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