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2023 / 96m - USA
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A rather quaint comedy based on the infamous Bobb Ross character, even though he is never called by name. It's a bit of an odd but intriguing setup that sadly doesn't go anywhere meaningful. Once the basic joke is laid out, it's repeated ad infinitum, masquerading as a simple rom-com.

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Carl is a famous Vermont painter who has his own TV show. When a new painter is brought in to improve the ratings, Carl feels like his best years are behind him. He never got back together with the love of his life and his art feels lifeless and derivative. But sometimes, hitting rock bottom is needed to get back on top of things.

Owen is fine and there are some decent laughs in the first half hour. The joke gets stale quickly and apart from the hilarious ending (the best joke of the film really), the film becomes very predictable and formulaic. It's not a terrible comedy, just one that does very little with a funny, promising premise.