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Future World

2018 / 88m - USA
Action, Sci-fi
Future World poster

Simple but fun sci-fi/post-apocalyptic action flick. It's clearly trying to bank on the success of the Mad Max reboot. While obviously cheaper, I was pretty surprised to see a bunch of familiar faces show up. Not real A-listers, but certainly actors who enjoyed their time in the spotlight.

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The plot is trivial, but what did you expect. After the Earth has gone to shit (again), a biker gang is looking for one of the last remaining androids. They finally find her and take her along with them, but a boy looking for medicine gets into their way and takes the android for himself.

The cinematography is pretty decent, the score is effective, the styling is nice and the pacing is excellent. It's a short film that doesn't waste too much time on specifics, since this is all very familiar territory. Simple genre entertainment, in other words. If you like a bit of post-apocalyptic filler, it's not a bad choice.