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Allegro Non Troppo

1976 / 75m - Italy
Comedy, Music - Animation
Allegro Non Troppo poster

A pretty crazy Italian take/parody on Disney's Fantasia. It's a all over the place, with some extended live action scenes and a myriad of different animation styles, but overall it's weird and quirky enough to warrant giving it a fair chance. Not everything may work equally well, but there are certainly inspired moments here.

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When a young artist discover his idea to create animated short films set to classical music is already been done before, he tries to give his project a novel spin. Things don't quite pan out the way he intended and even though he makes a downright mess of his project, the live audience seems pretty transfixed by the result.

Some of the animated shorts are pretty cool (the march of the animals for example), others are pretty basic and unattractive. The live action inserts vary in quality too. Some of them are fun and inventive, others a little simplistic. It's a bit hit-and-miss from start to finish, but at least it never becomes boring.