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2021 / 133m - France
Comedy, Drama
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Only my first Bruno Dumont film, I guess I expected a bit more. Seydoux is hot property nowadays and the film received some proper accolades, but the result is a predictably cynical take on the media. Not that such an approach is unwarranted, only to have a real impact it needs to be a lot sharper.

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France is a TV reporter/talk show host who is quickly rising to the top. Her reports are spectacular, and her candid presentation is loved by many. But the glory is fake and when she accidentally hits a boy on a scooter with her car, she starts to understand that her fame is only paper thin.

Seydoux does well, the film looks slick enough, but the critique on the media feels half-arsed and France's character simply isn't interesting enough. The runtime is also a bit excessive, but I guess that's simply an attempt to give the film a little extra weight. It's not a terrible film, just a bit toothless.