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Raven Tengu Kabuto: The Golden-Eyed Beast

Karasu Tengu Kabuto: Ôgon no Me no Kemono
1992 / 40m - Japan
Fantasy, Action - Animation
Raven Tengu Kabuto: The Golden-Eyed Beast poster

More Ninja Scroll-like anime. There seem to be quite a few of these films, most of them dating back to the early 90s. None of these projects can touch the genius of Kawajiri's classic, Kabuto certainly is no exception. But if you're loving yourself some odd, supernatural samurai action, then these films are very tasty snacks indeed.

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Kabuto is a mysterious samurai, with big wings and a big glam rock 80s hairdo. After rescuing the princess at a young age, the two are bound together for life. When a sorceress threatens to kidnap the princess, Kabuto reappears and will do his very best to keep her out of the claws of this crafty woman and her even craftier henchmen.

The quality of the animation isn't that great, but the designs of the enemies and machinery make up for that. The story is simple but doesn't get in the way of anything, and the film is sweet and short, with hardly any cruft remaining. It's certainly not a highlight of the genre, but if you're craving a bit of 90s samurai action and you've gone through the more famous films, it's definitely a worthy option.