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Silent Night

2021 / 92m - UK
Comedy, Thriller
Silent Night poster

One of the oddest Christmas films I've seen in a while. It's hard to pin a genre on Silent Night, it goes through several in its 90-minute runtime and doesn't seem to want to settle on a single one. But that's exactly what makes this film so interesting, it's one of those films that doesn't stick to a predictable structure.

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Nell and Simon are having all their friends over to celebrate Christmas. Nobody is really looking forward to the gathering, but allusions to an unescapable necessity seem to giving them not much of a choice. Surprise pregnancies are met with disdain, presents are tossed aside and references to a pact seem to make the attendees nervous.

I really liked the way the film moved from a traditional Christmas film to something quite a bit more ominous. The only thing that ties everything together is the comedy, which is dark, and delightfully British. Performances are solid, the ending is spot on and the unpredictability is a real boon, even though halfway through it should be obvious what exactly is going on. A fun surprise.