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Raya and the Last Dragon

2021 / 107m - USA
Adventure, Fantasy - Animation
Raya and the Last Dragon poster

Disney's latest animation goes shopping for cultural inspiration in Asia. Don't expect too much of it though, in the end it's still an undeniably obvious American production, but at least it makes for a nice change of setting. Other than that, Disney is just repeating its same old formula.

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The land of Kumandra has been split into five different pieces. Raya's father tries to reunite the different clans, but his attempt fails and only makes things worse. His daughter sets out to find Sisu, the last remaining dragon and the only one with the power to bring everyone back together.

Technically it's impressive, aesthetically there are few moments that truly awe. The voice acting is pretty poor, the finale is rather cringeworthy and the comedy never hits the mark. It's nice to see Disney try to do something a little different, but unless they really commit it's not going to make much of a difference quality wise.