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The inoffensive


2022 / 90m - Spain
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A somewhat atypical Spanish horror film. This one is much rawer than their usual horror output, not so much guided by plot and twists, but by anguish and emotional torture. It starts off promising enough, but when the film gets close to its finale things start to cave little by little.

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Sara, the daughter of a butcher, is an outcast in a small Spanish town. She is overweight and she looks messy, making her an easy target for bullying. When three girls gang up on her at the pool, she feels betrayed, so much in fact that she doesn't choose to help them when she notices that a shady figure kidnaps them.

The setup of the film is strong and Laura Galán does a great job as the lead character. The horror elements aren't quite as strong though, the 4:3 ratio is silly and pointless, and the finale is underwhelming. Still, there's enough potential here for Carlota Pereda to deserve a retry.