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The Black Stallion

1979 / 118m - USA
Adventure, Sport
The Black Stallion poster

Quite a bit better than I expected, but I'm afraid I went in with extremely low expectations. Horse films are rarely any good and The Black Stallion suffers from some of their classic downfalls. But the first part of the film was a real surprise, not enough to make it a great film overall, but it helped sitting through the second part quite a bit easier.

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A young boy befriends a black stallion on a ship, but then disaster strikes. A storm hits the ship and the two are thrown overboard. The horse rescues the boy from drowning and the both of them get stranded on a deserted island. They grow closer together, but staying together will be difficult once they return to society.

Most of the first half is silent, which was a great relief. The cinematography is nice and the bond between the boy and the animal is properly developed. Once they return to society the quality takes a big dip, but there are still a few moments that stand out. It's a shame the film is so sharply divided into two parts, especially with the best part coming first. Still, this could've been a lot worse.