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No Time to Die

2021 / 163m - UK
Action, Thriller
No Time to Die poster

The final Craig Bond. It's not that I don't like Craig, nor that I blame him for the depressing dip in quality this series suffered when he joined, but I'm really happy to see him go. It's no guarantee that Bond will bounce back, but at least the potential is there. Fingers crossed the next Bond cycle will be better.

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Despite all the effort and time they put into the plot, it's just really just Bond saving the world from a lethal threat, yet again. There are a few more twists and turns, an extra action scene here and there, but the 40 minutes extra don't add anything substantial to the age-old formula. On the contrary, they just slow things down needlessly.

The "emotional" moments between Craig and Seydoux are pitiful, Malek is by far one of the dullest Bond villains, and it certainly doesn't help that the film is actively engaging in Twitter rhetoric. The action scenes are decent at least, though nothing too spectacular or remarkable. Good riddance and here's to a future with shorter and sillier Bond films.

Jane Eyre

2011 / 120m - UK
Drama, Romance
Jane Eyre poster