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Adult Swim Yule Log

2022 / 91m - USA
Comedy, Horror
Adult Swim Yule Log poster

An elongated TV special. There are some good and fun ideas tucked away in here, but the execution is a tad dim. It's a little too obvious this film originated from the bowels of a TV channel, it all just looks a bit too amateurish and DIY. If you're looking for a festive horror/comedy, you could do a lot worse though.

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A couple has planned a weekend retreat up the mountain. Their alone time is wildly interrupted when the sheriff comes knocking and warns them there's a killer on the loose. Things are about to get a lot worse when another party arrives, a hillbilly assaults the cabin and a haunted log goes on a rampage.

Most of the effects are pretty crummy and the performances are pretty weak. The comedy is nice, but not all the jokes land and there are some barren parts that could've used a little extra love. The film does get pretty insane in the final third, I just wish the horror/sci-fi bits were a bit more convincing.