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1984 / 76m - USA
Action, Sci-fi
Trancers poster

Cheap 80s sci-fi. There are traces of Blade Runner and Terminator here, but the film is so poorly executed that it's silly to even compare it to those films. There clearly wasn't any budget, the fact that they managed to get Helen Hunt was just because she was at the very start of her career. For the US pulp fans only, in other words.

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A future Los Angeles is under threat of a dangerous cult that preys on and transforms the weak, called Trancers. The police are right on the leader's tail, but when they want to catch him, he jumps back into time. The police send a rogue cop after him, who will have to fight his way through an 80s Los Angeles to safe the future from annihilation.

The lead performances are horrific, the sets and props look laughable, and the plot is a downright bore. It's one of those films that could've been decent enough if only the execution was on point, but it's almost like watching an 80s TV show. At least the film is short, but even that can't save it. A pretty horrible film, I'm pretty surprised it managed so many sequels.