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Father of the Bride Part II

1995 / 106m - USA
Comedy -
Father of the Bride Part II poster

Some sequels don't deserve a sequel, but popularity may decide otherwise. I could've lived without a second Father of the Bride film, apparently enough people liked the first one though, so more had to follow. Rarely do these sequels amount to much, this film is obviously no exception to the rule.

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Steve Martin got mental about his daughter marrying in the first film, this time around she's getting a baby. Martin is not happy with becoming a grandfather, which makes him feel old and useless. As he's going through a little midlife crisis, he has no idea what life has in store for him.

If your idea of funny is watching Martin getting upset about nothing, this might be a comedy for you. It's more annoying than it is funny though. Very few jokes land, the performances are bland and the runtime is a little excessive for such a simple comedy. I'm just glad they didn't make a third one.

Father of the Bride

1991 / 105m - USA
Comedy -
Father of the Bride poster

One of those US comedies which thinks that playing it safe is a virtue. There's nothing really too offensive about this film, except maybe the gross and intolerable stereotypes and their uninteresting problems that have to carry us from start to finish. I sure don't enjoy watching that.

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George's life is turned upside down when his daughter tells him she is going to marry. He doesn't really like the guy, the boy's parents are intimidating and worst of all: George isn't ready to let go of his little girl. But he'll have to, and he'll have to pay a lot of money for the wedding too.

Martin is saltless, the script and comedy are bland and none of the characters deserves sympathy. It's never too grating though and the pacing is pretty decent. The runtime isn't too excessive either, so getting to the end isn't that big of an ordeal. It's just a shame that there's nothing really remarkable going on.