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She Will

2021 / 95m - UK
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A very moody and stylish witch-themed horror. But beware, this is another one of those allegorical horror films that is really just a trauma in disguise. It's one of the best ones I've seen so far, but don't go in expecting a full-on horror film, or you will be disappointing with what's on offer here.

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Veronica is an aging actress is recovering from breast surgery. Together with her medical assistant she travels to a remote retreat, where he hopes to find peace and quiet. The area was famous for its witch persecutions, once there Veronica feels a strange power emanating from the land.

The cinematography is stylish and deliberate, the score is moody, and the performances are on point. She Will is a very atmospheric, mysterious film that holds few surprises, but delivers its themes with the proper gravitas. It's maybe a bit too solemn for my taste, but I really don't have any other negative things to say about this one.