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Man in Love

Dang Nan Ren Lian Ai Shi
2021 / 115m - Taiwan
Crime, Romance
Man in Love poster

I never watched the original, but seeing how I generally prefer Taiwanese over South-Korean cinema, I wasn't too bothered by that. I knew very little about Man in Love going in, and came out pleasantly surprised by this sweet, and stylish mix of crime and romance. It's probably nothing you haven't seen before, but the execution was on point.

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A Cheng is a debt collector with his heart in the right place. While collecting money for his boss, he meets Hao Ting, a young girl who tries to take care of her father. She is knee-deep in debt, so A Cheng comes up with a plan that will relieve of her monetary worries, hoping his plan might also bring them closer together.

The cinematography is predictably stylish, the score is pleasant, the plot familiar but effective. Roy Chiu is solid, but it's Hsu who really shines. The ending is a little long in the tooth and the film fails to truly rise above itself, but if you're looking for some prime crime filler, you really can't go wrong with Man in Love.