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The Kiddie Tomb

2021 / 71m - China
Adventure, Fantasy
The Kiddie Tomb poster

China really can't get enough of its tomb raiding films. Unless you dedicate yourself fully to these films it seems pretty much impossible to keep track of them all, so I'm still just sampling randomly. The Kiddie Tomb is pretty basic genre fare, but if you like a light fantasy adventure, and you're not too put off by bad CG, there's some good fun to be had with these films.

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There's not much in the way of plot here, just some quick excuses to get a group of people into a decaying tomb. Villagers looking for money cross a band of regular looters when they are digging up a tomb. Once inside, they find the tomb is full of traps, with giant spiders and creepy-looking dolls making it excessively difficult to escape the tomb.

For a film that's really little more than quick & dirty content filler, the settling looks surprisingly decent. Performances are mediocre and the overreliance on shoddy CG in these films is still a bit of a letdown, but the pacing and runtime are perfect if you're looking for adequate genre filler. Certainly not the best of its kind, but entertaining nonetheless.