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Open the Coffin

2022 / 92m - China
Mystery, Thriller
Open the Coffin poster

A pretty successful mix of popular elements. There's a bit of tomb raiding fun at the start of the film, but this is really more of a police procedural with strong mystery and overt supernatural influences. The execution was a bit better than expected, but that's probably because I've seen a few too many Chinese streamer films lately.

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A young police detective is given a rather mysterious case. He quickly discovers the body is that of a man who was involved in a tomb raiding incident. But then more people start dying, and they all carry signs of old Chinese folklore rituals. The detectives are forced to delve into the realm of the occult if they hope to solve the case.

Open the Coffin isn't quite horror, as the film doesn't really try to scare or repulse, but if you're extremely squeamish, this might not be the film for you. Performances are decent, the film looks atmospheric, the plot is pretty amusing and the pacing is pleasant. Fun filler, if a little too unambitious to come close to a personal favorite.