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Boys from County Hell

2020 / 88m - Ireland
Horror, Comedy
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Ireland claims vampire origins. Stoker is portrayed as a common thief in this film, someone who visited the pleasant town of Six Mile Hill, heard the bloodsucking demon folklore and returned home to write a book about it. A good premise for a film, certainly when it contains a slice of dry Irish comedy.

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A pile of stones marks the grave of the old bloodsucker, the problem is that it is in the way of a new road. The grave has to go, but when they start digging it out all hell breaks loose. It turns out there was some truth to the old legend, and the town is ill-equipped to fight its newest resident.

The low-key humor is a blessing, the slow build-up works well, and the finale actually delivers. Bounty from County Hell offers a fresh new take on the vampire lore, though as a horror film it's not exactly original. Good genre work though, with perfect pacing, a short runtime and plenty of genre fun along the way.

Bad Day for the Cut

2017 / 99m - UK
Crime, Drama, Thriller
Bad Day for the Cut poster