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Dead Dicks

2019 / 83m - Canada
Mystery, Horror
Dead Dicks poster

A film that leans quite heavily on its premise. And I will admit that the premise is pretty strong, it's just that everything around it isn't quite up to par. Some things are a little easier to forgive than others, certainly keeping the film's low-budget in mind, but it does feel like there was the potential to do more.

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Becca just landed a prestigious internship, but she hasn't managed to tell her brother. He's battling mental issues and Becca is worried about leaving him to fend for himself. When she finally finds the courage to tell him, she gets a series of odd messages from her brother that urge her to come visit him. Something very strange is going on in his apartment.

The cinematography is pretty bare bones, the performances aren't great and the feeble attempts to add some comedy and drama feel ill-advised. The core concept is strong though and when the film crosses over into horror territory it's pretty effective. The ending too is pretty cool. Dead Dicks is not as great as it could've been, but I'm certainly looking forward to their next project.