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Missing Link

2019 / 93m - USA
Animation, Comedy, Adventure
Missing Link poster

Laika's latest project shows promise, but as their stop-motion work has become more intricate, the charm in their films has slowly diminished. It's still a big step up from your average animal-led US CG animation, even so it's a shame to see Laika's more or less chasing the same audience.

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Missing Link follows Lionel Frost, a brave adventurer who wants to be recognized by his peers. He travels to the US, hoping to find Sasquatch in order to prove his worth, but he's taken by surprise when he discovers that Sasquatch himself has been leaving clues behind, wanting to be found.

While the stop-motion animation is technically proficient (and probably the very best in the business), the art style is a little dull and unadventurous. Sasquatch is also slightly annoying, which is a bummer since he's the film's titular character. There are still some decent laughs, but overall it just isn't quite funny, beautiful or surprising enough to stand out.


2012 / 92m - USA
Animation, Adventure, Fantasy
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