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The Tomorrow War

2021 / 140m - USA
Sci-fi, Action
The Tomorrow War poster

Terminator meets The Thing meets Alien. The Tomorrow War is a haphazard mix of elements that barely fit together. I generally don't care much about plot and all that, but the writing here is by far some of the worst I've ever seen. Luckily for McKay, films like these don't get made that often, so I still got some enjoyment out of it.

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During the WC football, a team of soldiers from the future land on the pitch. They have come to tell us that humanity is about to die out, thanks to a race of aliens. A time portal connects both worlds, and people from our time are drafted to help fight off the aliens. Humanity is losing, until ex-military guy Dan Forester is sent into the future.

The biggest problem is that the humans are really too puny to win the fight, so the writers have to resort to all sorts of tricks and excuses to give us half a fighting chance. The alien/sci-fi designs are pretty cool, but a bit of a blur since McKay is too wrapped up in the plot. Performances and drama are weak, the film makes no sense at all, but as blockbuster sci-fi entertainment, it still offers some fun. This could and should've been so much better though.

The Lego Batman Movie

2017 / 104m - USA
Animation, Action, Comedy
The Lego Batman Movie poster

The Lego franchise, because why not. It's just another extension of the superhero hype that ties a popular toy brand to well respected superheroes. Mo hype, mo money. Sadly McKay can only mask the poor comedy by hyper-pacing his film, which only ends up accentuating the lack of anything funny. Pretty bad.