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2021 / 88m - USA
Dashcam poster

Another computer screen thriller, a thankful niche with the COVID epidemic still raging. Despite being a genre that is naturally suited for low budget/small crew projects, making it tense and intriguing is actually a lot harder than it looks. Nilsson sure did his best, still the film has too many flaws to make a big impression.

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A wannabe reporter gets his hands on some classified files. Though he was only meant to be editing a news segment of his boss, he sees this as a chance to get himself noticed. And so he starts digging through the files, slowly uncovering a conspiracy against a former attorney general.

Dashcam is a pretty short film, still there's an awful lot of padding. The actions of the main character are also pretty questionable and too much time is spent on uninteresting computer fiddling. It gets a bit better towards the ending and there is some intrigue scattered throughout the film, just not enough to make it an easy recommend. This is for genre fans only I guess.