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The Thing from Another World

1951 / 87m - USA
Horror, Thriller
The Thing from Another World poster

A surprisingly fun flick. It could be that my expectations were pretty low, as Carpenter's version is often cited as a superior remake (and it is, truly), but that doesn't mean this 50s version is without merit. The "thing" itself may look like a low-budget Frankenstein, but the tension and setting make for a decent enough horror.

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An expedition team on the North Pole finds a UFO. The army sends in soldiers and scientists to retrieve a frozen specimen, but once they've brought it back to the base their objectives diverge. The soldiers want to keep the specimen frozen, while the scientists are more than eager to start their study of the extraterrestrial.

It's a plus that the creature doesn't get too much screen time. The inhospitable setting, the unknown dangers and the squabbles between the soldiers and the scientists keep the tension tight. There isn't quite enough meat to keep the film interesting from start to finish, but it's certainly one of the better classic horror films I've seen so far.