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Speak No Evil

2022 / 97m - Denmark
Thriller, Horror
Speak No Evil poster

A fun take on the horror genre. The first half of the film isn't all that horrific, but the presentation (the music in particular) makes it clear we're watching a horror film. It's a good thing then the final third delivers. I think Tafdrup could've pushed it a little further still, but that's just nitpicking.

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Bjørn and Louise meet a Dutch family on their holiday in Italy. The two families hit it off and six months later they get an invitation to spend a vacation in The Netherlands. They oblige, but when they arrive, cultural differences drive a wedge between the two families, to the point where they don't feel comfortable anymore.

The first half of the film thrives on discomfort and anxiety (though not without a dash of comedy), as you feel something is off, it's just difficult to pinpoint what it is. The film takes a rather sharp turn halfway through and delivers some prime chills, including a rather disturbing ending. The performances are solid, the presentation is pleasant and the finale is right on target. Very good.