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The Old Ways

2020 / 90m - USA
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A horror film that tries to get by on exotic appeal. The film is set in Mexico and, as the title suggests, highlights the old ways of dealing with demons. Those demons are primarily a manifestation of the main character's mental problems, but they do get pretty real to make sure people don't mistake this for a drama.

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Cristina is a reporter who returns to her hometown after 20 years, driven away by a traumatic experience when she was a kid. She visits some forbidden ruins and the locals believe she has contracted a demon. The lock Cristina up, and they'll do anything to drive the demon out of her. This involves some pretty gruesome rituals.

Despite all the Mexican couleur locale, Old Ways is a pretty basic film about demonic possession. The horror scenes are very predictable, performances are quite poor, and the location is poorly used. It's not a terrible film, just not a very remarkable one. A pretty plain horror film.