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2020 / 105m - USA
Antebellum poster

Some films are a little on the nose, others are openly opinionated, and then there are the ones that are obnoxiously preachy. Antebellum belongs to the latter category. The film is about as nuanced as a political discussion on Twitter, not exactly what I want from a theater experience/horror film.

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That is to say, a film that tries to sell itself as a horror film. The setup is endless and lasts almost a full hour. There are two effective twists to break up the monotony, but that was hardly enough to keep my attention. And when the horror part starts, it turns out this is really just a badly filmed thriller.

Performances are mediocre, the camera work is bland and the plot will trample your suspension of disbelief. What bugged me the most though was the constant repetition and hammering on political arguments that have been the subject of online culture wars for years now. I left the theater utterly annoyed, which is pretty rare even for me.