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The People We Hate at the Wedding

2022 / 99m - USA
Comedy, Romance
The People We Hate at the Wedding poster

A pretty solid comedy with romantic notes. Scanlon doesn't deliver anything too original, but the characters are quirky and funny enough to make it work, and there's a dash of British flair that helps with the comedy. Considering the lack of dedicated comedies nowadays, that suffices.

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For Eloise's marriage, she invites her mother and her estranged stepbrother and stepsister. They don't quite like Eloise, as they consider her a stuck-up British twat who stands above them. The reunion doesn't go as planned, and their trip to London becomes an ever bigger hassle than they feared.

The cast is decent, there are some pleasant jokes, and the mix between comedy and romance feels balanced. There's a little drama, but never too intrusive. Don't expect anything too extraordinary from this film, it never colors outside the lines and it sticks to what is known to work, but I've seen plenty worse.