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2003 / 117m - USA
Action, Crime
S.W.A.T. poster

Popular action flick, though it's a bit difficult to see why exactly this stood out 20 years ago. The action isn't that spectacular, the drama is pretty bland and the intrigue is almost low-key for a blockbuster film. It's not a terrible film either, just that it's nothing particularly memorable.

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After being kicked off the SWAT team, Street remains part of the force, hoping he'll get a second chance. That chance arrives when Hondo is reinstated and is allowed to pick his own team. All eyes are on them, and they can't afford to make a mistake, which is not easy when a wanted criminal tries to flee the country.

There's quite a bit of action, though director Johnson isn't particularly gifted in that regard. The actors are familiar faces and there are some big set pieces to help things along, still, it feels like the film is simply going through the motion. Big, expensive genre filler in other words. Not bad, not great.

The Sentinel

2006 / 108m - USA
Action, Crime, Thriller
The Sentinel poster