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Rock & Rule

1983 / 77m - Canada
Animation, Music, Sci-fi
Rock & Rule poster

Delusional rock animation. One of those films that places rock at the center of the universe and paints it as the salvation of mankind. That might've been a fun idea in the 80s, for someone who has nothing with the music though the cheese is simply overbearing, even somewhat embarrassing.

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Angel is the singer of a rock band, who gets kidnapped by the legendary rock god Mok. He needs the girl for a satanic ritual, but her band members are determined to chase Mok down and stop him dead in his tracks. It's the kind of plot you could've derived yourself from a random 80s hard rock album cover.

The animation is somewhat decent, but the art style is absolutely poor. The music is horrendous, characters are dumb and the plot is just mind-numbing. It lacks the self-awareness that saved the stuff guys like Tenacious D put out and ends up being a complete joke. I'm not surprised this flopped horrendously, even with the involvement of some famous rock stars.