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2018 / 98m - USA
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Sleep paralysis horror. It's a popular and forgiving subject for a horror film, it's a shame then that Mara doesn't make full use of its potential. Botet's a real asset and some of the dream scares are cool, but the procedural that lies at the film's core isn't strong enough and detracts from the horror.

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Kate is a young police psychologist who gets called out for a special case. A woman brutally murdered her husband, but she claims he was killed by a sleep demon called Mara. Kate has no other option than to commit the woman to the hospital, but soon after she starts waking up in the middle of the night, unable to move.

There's a long intro where nobody believes the victims (apart from the audience, which knows better), then there's an endless middle part where Kate tries to piece all the clues together, after that a short finale that doesn't really deliver. Kudos for the soundtrack, which really commits, sadly, its dramatic highs don't feel entirely earned. Not a terrible film, just a bit too sloppy.