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The American Astronaut

2001 / 91m - USA
Sci-fi, Musical
The American Astronaut poster

Unique and disorienting lo-fi sci-fi musical. The American Astronaut is a film that defies easy description, but managed to drag me in right away. The raw, country/rock vibe is not exactly a favorite of mine and not quite fit for a sci-fi film, but in some strange way that even makes it better.

Stingray Sam

2009 / 61m - USA
Comedy, Musical, Sci-fi
Stingray Sam poster

Not really a sequel to McAbee's The American Astronaut, more like a film that is set in the same universe (and with some of the same characters). Also, I use the term "film" lightly, as it's a set of 6 chapters forming a single narrative, but separated by clear intro/outros (though no credits). Originally made to be seen on phones (and commissioned by Sundance), it's an odd beast indeed (think Lynch's Rabbits).

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Stingray Sam is back, reunited with his old pal The Quasar Kid. He seeks Sam out as he is working/hiding out in a little bar on Mars. A little girl has to be retrieved, the ones who manage to do so will be restored in their honor. Sam forcefully agrees to join his partner on this quest, the start of a pretty mad adventure.

I'm not a big fan of the songs and the episodic nature was a bit of a hindrance, but once McAbee finds his footing this becomes pretty fun and entertaining. It's all very low-key and the film has a strong DIY feel, but original ideas, absurd comedy and slick pacing make this a film to watch for fans of the weird and unusual.